We are a small family farm in Southeastern Pennsylvania.


Our main goals in our approach to our sheep are selective breeding and biosecurity.   Our selective breeding is centered around quality fleece, good temperament, and reproductive abilities. We readily cull those who do not meet our standards.  We strictly monitor and regulate those who visit our farm to prevent of our flock from being exposed to disease.  Vets, prospective buyers, and anyone else involved in the sheep industry who enter our farm are required to sanitize their boots and/or wear waterproof boot covers.  We do not believe in exposing them to diseases by taking them off the farm or to shows.



Our hay is a mixture of Brome, Kentucky Bluegrass, Orchard Grass, and Alice Clover.  Our legume:grass ratio is about 30:70 and our hay is highly palatable and suitable for horses and other livestock.  We have 1st, 2nd, and sometimes 3rd cutting available, but our hay sells out early in the year.



Our hens spend most of the day in their spacious hen yard.  In addition, they are let out to free range on the farm for at least 3 hours a day.  We have a variety of breeds – a little bit of everything! – which leads to a lovely array of color in your egg carton.  Our girls are well cared for and we are currently working to have new chicks raised naturally by our broody hens.