Finn Ewes

Finnsheep ewes are known for there outstanding mothering capabilities and ours are selected to display those characteristics that are most desirable.  Our ewes are very fertile and produce vigorous, fast-growing lambs.  They make excellent mothers, lamb with ease, and bond well to their lambs.

Mabelline (2014) B+,Awt/Ab, Ss

BHF4_23_16 344

Mantelli (2012) Bb/Bb, Aa/Aa, SS/Ss

Lucy (2014) BB/Bb, Ab/Aa, SS/Ss

Susan (2013) BB/Bb, Aa/Aa, Ss/Ss


BHF002 Mimosa – Black. DOB 3/29/16. triplet; Susan (dam) & Mr Tumnus (sire). BB/?, Aa/Aa, SS/Ss



BHF003 Willow – Brown Piebald. DOB 3/29/16. Triplet; Susan (dam) & Mr Tumnus (sire). Bb/Bb, Aa/Aa, Ss/Ss.


BHF005 Magnolia – Black. DOB 4/09/16.  Triplet; Lucy (dam) & T-bone (sire). BB/Bb, Aa/Aa, SS/?


BHF006 Cherry – Brown Piebald Badger. DOB 4/09/16. triplet; Lucy (dam) & T Bone (sire). Bb/Bb, Ab/Aa, Ss/Ss.

BHF012 Sugar Maple – Brown. DOB 4/12/16.  Quad; Mantelli (dam) & Mr Tumnus (sire). Bb/Bb, Aa/Aa, SS/?.