Finn Rams

Our rams are large, have good fleeces, and are very docile.  When selecting the rams for our flock, we look for characteristics that will produce quality lambs for both meat and fiber.

Our future rams are selected based on rate of gain, personality, and fleece quality.  Due to the prolific nature of finnsheep, we are able to be very selective for the ram lambs that we keep.


BHF 004 Ash – Black Badger.  DOB 4/09/16. Triplet; Lucy (dam) & T-Bone (sire).  Bb/?, Ab/Aa, SS/Ss












BHF007 Birch – Black Badger. DOB 4/11/16. twin; Mabelline(dam) & T Bone (sire). BB/Bb, Ab/Aa, SS/Ss

BHF008 Beech – Black Badger. DOB 4/11/16. twin; Mabelline (dam) & T Bone (sire). BB/Bb, Ab/Aa, SS/Ss

BHF 009  Hickory – brown Piebald. DOB 4/12/16. Quad; Mantelli (dam) & Mr Tumnus (sire). Bb/Bb, Aa/Aa, Ss/Ss





Sold/Not Available

BHF4_23_16 227

Mr. Tumnus (2015) BB/Bb, Aa/Aa, SS/Ss

BHF4_23_16 340

T-Bone (2015) BB/Bb, Aa/Aa, Ss/Ss